About us

Helping since 2000

Assalam Charity is an international relief and development charity. We work in several areas and we have a range of diverse projects running at any point in time. Our efforts are focused on remembering the forgotten! We are driven by our need to do good in the world as that is what Islam teaches us.

We are also focused on our Orphan Aid which seeks to help orphaned children. Moreover, we have a unique system in place which encourages long-term orphan sponsorships and makes these sponsorships available to anyone online! Removing many  of the obstacles faced by many orphan sponsorship charities and increasing accessibility to our program.

When were we established?


Assalam Charity was established in the year of 2000.

Since then we have strived to help anyone and everyone!

How can you help us?

In our line of work it is not only a donation that helps those who were forgotten. Anything from a share on your social media of our current projects. Or a friend of which you talk with about our organisation. Any awareness you help raise through us or with us, is something which could be considered at the same value of a donation.