Provide warmth
Providing warmth

For the price of a cup of coffe, save a human soul.

Can you deny warmth to a child. We can’t. We won’t. And we urge you to do the same. By donating a simple amount you are making sure that a human soul is making it through the winter. To you it might be the price of a cup of coffe. But, to them it is much more than than. It is comfort and safety. Help us, help them be apart of our journey.  

Getting Involved

Sponsor or donate.

Sponsoring an orphan

A great deal of our identity has been providing orphans with care and comfort. We do this by seeking out people who care to sponsor orphans and counsel and educate them through making a right decision. We also share details about each orphan’s life and what they need. The sponsor then has the choice of which orphan to sponsor as well as being educated enough about their decision. 

Making a Donation

Assalam Charity usualy has several on-going projects running throughout the year. For example we occasionaly give out food baskets to people in several poor nations, the like of Syria, Palestine, Rohinga, Somailia etc. with hopes of expanding our services to even more countries. Join hands with us and donate. Each donation helps, no matter how small it is!

What we do

Our Services

Connecting sponsors with orphans

We connect any of our sponsors with the orphans so that they can stay updated at regular intervals. We encourage transparency and honesty which is why we think that communication between sponsors and the beneficiaries is crucial.

Food baskets

We regularly send food baskets to several poor villages in different countries. Our goal is to try and minify the scarring of national debt, civil war and poor quality of life. We want to remind those poor folk that God will always give a helping hand.

Ramadan and muslim occasions

For Ramadan and Eid we celebrate by opening the doors to several projects. For example, the break a fast campaign where we aim to provide food for the whole month of Ramadan. On Eid we hold and sponsor eid prayers as well as supply clothes to poor children.

Donate or sponspor

Current Projects

What Drives Us

Our Mission

To be the provider of care for those in need. It’s simple, yet an incredibly difficult implementation is needed. But, our team is always ready to face the challenges they’ve dedicated their time and efforts for.


More about who you’re helping.

Poor people

We always try and capture the essence of our faith in our missions and we try constantly to stick to them. Charity towards the poor is a part of our identity as Muslims and that’s why we fight hard to provide it for those in need.


Orphan care is one of our main focuses in Assalam Charity. Sponsoring orphans in our faith is a great deed and Prophet Mohamad PBUH has told us about the great reward there is in it. Other than the great reward in the after life, there is all types great societal reward in creating a community that supports it’s orphans.